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Who we are

Building and protecting financial wellbeing

Lesaka is a leading South African financial technology company. We deliver financial services to consumers (B2C) and merchants (B2B) in Southern Africa through our proprietary banking and payment technology. We offer banking, lending and insurance products to consumers, and cash management solutions, bill payment technology, value-added services, business funding and card acquiring solutions to formal and informal retail merchants.

We started our journey as Net1 in 1997. Since then, we have grown our systems and capabilities to deliver meaningful fintech-enabled solutions across the consumer and merchant segments. Led by a new leadership team with strong credentials and international experience, and following a comprehensive strategic review, we have entered a new era for the group with a new name: Lesaka.

Lesaka, much like the kraal it is named after, is about building and protecting the financial wellbeing of the communities we serve. We do this by championing financial inclusivity for consumers and merchants, opening them to new possibilities.

We are Lesaka

We are lesaka

For thousands of years livestock have been seen as a symbol of security, community and wealth. Protecting and caring for your livestock was central to preserving the dignity and pride of your community. To protect these animals, and the communities that depended on them, enclosures were built commonly known as “kraals”  in South Africa. Because of their importance, kraals were built in the centre of a community and seen as the social and economic heart of the village. Only the most reliable people were entrusted with their care and protection.

As Lesaka, we have been entrusted with a mission to build and protect the financial wellbeing of our communities. Our deeply-felt awareness of this responsibility drives our choices and actions, as we fight for the financial inclusion of every single South African.

What drives us forward

Our purpose and vision

We have set a clear direction to shape our every decision and action. 


Our purpose is to improve peoples’ lives by bringing financial inclusion to South Africa’s underserved consumers and merchants.

Our vision is to build and operate the leading South African full-service fintech platform offering payment processing and financial services to underserved merchants and consumers.

Our ambition

Our ambition charts a new era for Lesaka.

We are Lesaka

Lesaka is on exciting and meaningful journey that will make financial inclusion a reality for all who have been underserved and undervalued.


Our transparency allows us to build strong relationships internally and externally.


  • Championing inclusivity

  • Building community

  • Driving collaboration

  • Behaving with integrity


Through delivering an eco-system of financial solutions to those that are underserved in the furthest corners of our country.​

What we do

What we do

Leveraging our fintech platform to deliver cost-effective and value-adding financial solutions

At Lesaka, we are excited by our ambition and ability to make a real impact by providing meaningful financial solutions to underserved consumers and merchants. Our payment solutions, financial services, transaction processing services and financial technology already enable financial access for individuals, as well as for a range of merchants, from micro enterprises operating in remote areas to enterprises with multiple sites.

Our solutions are widely used in South Africa today. EasyPay Everywhere and EasyPay Everywhere Lite provide our consumer segment with an affordable transactional bank account. Our EasyPay Payment Switch is the largest bank-independent transaction processing service in South Africa. Through EasyPay, we process debit and credit card payment transactions on behalf of a wide range of retailers. Through Capital Connect, we provide frictionless unsecured, short-term business funding solutions to retailers to enhance their cash flows. Our Cash Connect offering provides both informal and formal merchants with smart retail cash management and payment solutions that reduces their cash risk. Kazang Pay and Kazang Connect focus on point of sale, cash and financial services for the semi-formal and informal markets. We also facilitate a suite of value-added services such as bill payments, prepaid airtime, gift cards, money transfers and prepaid utility purchases on behalf of merchants and retailers across South Africa.

Underpinning our offering is a proprietary and comprehensive transaction processing solution that encompasses our smart card-based alternative payment system for underserved markets and for mobile transaction channels. Our Universal Electronic Payment System (UEPS) uses biometrically secure smart cards that operate in real-time but offline, unlike traditional payment systems offered by major banking institutions that require immediate access through a communications network to a centralised computer. This offline capability means that users of our system can conduct transactions at any time with other card holders in even the most remote areas, as long as a smart card reader (which is often portable and battery powered) is available.

Our latest version of the UEPS technology has been certified by the EuroPay, MasterCard and Visa global standard, or EMV, which facilitates our traditionally proprietary UEPS system to interoperate with the global EMV standard and allows card holders to transact at any EMV-enabled point of sale terminal or ATM. 

We have extensive expertise in secure online transaction processing, cryptography, mobile telephony, integrated circuit card (chip/smart card) technologies, and the design and provision of financial and value-added services to our market.