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Solutions for consumers

Consumer banking

Lesaka offers low-cost transactional banking solutions that are structured for underserved consumers in a lower socioeconomic status category, and who have basic financial needs. This is delivered through our established flagship product, EasyPay Everywhere, which consists of a bank card, USSD and mobile app. It is serviced through a widespread network of branches and ATMs to open financial access for our customers.

EasyPay Everywhere functionality includes cash withdrawals and deposits, balance enquiries and debit orders with simple and transparent pay-as-you-transact pricing. The account also includes 3% interest on credit balances per annum and embedded insurance for accidental commuter death.

With EasyPay Everywhere, you also build up a financial profile that opens up a range of financial opportunities. These include fixed or variable loans and device lending, and access to standalone insurance products.

Launched in November 2021, EasyPay Everywhere Lite features an even lower monthly account fee by excluding some features – interest on credit balances, embedded insurance and debit order functionality. This product is very relevant for younger customers and grant recipients who are still in the early stages of their commercial and economic activity, who transact in a predominantly cash-based environment and so have basic transactional account needs.


SmartLife, which holds a Long-term Insurance Licence, enables Lesaka to develop and underwrite our open Smart 1 funeral insurance plans and embedded EasyPay Everywhere funeral plans. These are distributed through Lesaka’s widespread sales and distribution network in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Smart 1 offers cover that is flexible, affordable and easy, with benefits that can be extended to include:

  • Family income protection

  • Funeral assistance

  • Accidental death

  • Continuation of cover.


SmartLife continues to service existing customers in closed schemes, including Infinity, Kanako and Mdende. SmartLife also provides a broader group life and credit life insurance offering in the B2B market segment through a separate sales channel.

Consumer lending

Lesaka offers short-term loans through our Moneyline offering to existing consumer customers through our established and widespread EasyPay Everywhere distribution platform. Loans are either fixed or variable in amount and repayment tenure, up to a maximum of R2 000 over six months. We also offer device lending for mobiles phones, giving our customers access to more affordable smart technology.

The device purchase product enables customers to purchase mobile phone devices and pay them off monthly. Loan amounts are between R999 and R1 499 and the loan repayment period is six months, with a set initiation fee charged.

Moneyline is trusted in the market, with a loyal customer base who honour repayment commitments and who often become repeat customers. Our product options are easy to understand and offer transparent pricing and loan terms – so you know the exact cost and repayment period. We are leaders in the market with a FAIS compliant application and onboarding process that has near real-time approval and disbursement of funds. The debit order system makes repayment hassle-free.

With a good view of our customers’ financial data, supplemented with bureau data, we can effectively manage credit risk in a well-performing book for Lesaka.

Access Moneyline’s terms and conditions here.

ATMs and cash management

Lesaka enables financial access in a predominantly underserved cash-based market, for consumers and merchant alike. For consumers, cash is distributed through our network of 1 100 ATMs. Most of our traditional branches host ATMs, along with ATMs situated in the premises of our merchant partners and in retail lobbies. This helps to reduce cash risk and ensure we are geographically well positioned to enable financial access for our customers. We have an experienced operational team and network in place to maintain the required cash thresholds.

Our branch infrastructure consists of over 450 points of presence through a combination of traditional brick-and-mortar, satellite and express branches. These branches distribute our products and services directly to local communities, meeting many of our customers’ preference for direct engagement with our trained consultants to understand their financial needs and assist them in their preferred language.

Our branches also facilitate financial education through these direct engagements and through financial information videos displayed on our in-branch screens.

Our express branches add agility to our network, as they can be relocated quickly to better service our market or extend our presence.

Enabled by our leading fintech platform, we are moving in step with our customers as their financial needs shift. Our customer insights show an increasing preference for digital and self-serve channels in some segments of our target market. We continue to enhance our online banking and mobile phone app to move ahead with our customers, while maintaining physical points of presence that meet their needs.